The Awakening of Otharra

A Horizon of Storms

Sessions 1-2

Day 1: Adventurers Gaios, Pantaleon, Thaniel and Triel traveled along the Melinéa river to Krakenstone, looking for any and all types of work. After a brief stroll through the town, the adventurers stumbled upon ‘The Mill’, an old mill repurposed as a multi-story tavern. There the colourful band of unemployed adventurers met a well-dressed halfling who was offering a search & rescue job for anyone willing to navigate the treacherous southern sea known as Gambler’s Deep. To the adventurers’ surprise, the contract promised 500 gold pieces to anyone who successfully returned definitive knowledge of the fate of an exploration and trading company known as ‘The Pale Hydra’. With the promise of this type of coin, the party quickly agreed to join the expedition. However, a group of latecomer adventurers were under the impression that the job was theirs, and they threatened Thaniel, Triel, Gaios and Pantaleon with a beating if they didn’t give up the job. Using his dark magic, the warlock Thaniel planted terrifying whispers into the mind of one of the brigands, who promptly ran put of the Mill, screaming. Demoralised by this strange occurrence (and magically persuaded by the bard Pantaleon), the rest of the malcontents quickly followed suit and left.

Day 2: In the morning, the adventurers left their comfortable beds to board the ’Horizon’s Call’, a ship sailing under the banner of the new owners of the Pale Hydra. While waiting for the Horizon’s Call to be loaded with essential cargo, the adventurers met an unpleasant group of mercenaries called ‘The Wolf Pack’, who were sailing to the same location in another ship called ’Leopold’s Pride’. After restocking supplies at the island kingdom of ‘Mathaír’, the Horizon’s Call set out to cross Gambler’s Deep. As the ships sailed, the adventurers öistened to the stories of old sailors and made new acquaintances. On the way, the ships were ambushed by birdfolk pirates, most likely from Godspire Peak. The pirates were quickly dispatched, and yet another of Thaniel’s dark powers was revealed as the winged bandits fell into the ocean, immolated by purple flame. The crew of the Horizon’s Call managed to remain unscathed, thanks to the swift actions of the adventurers. As the ships approached the location where the island of Sailor’s Bane was supposed to be, a thick fog appeared, followed by a raging storm and hordes of the undead climbing aboard the ship and slaughtering its crew. The adventurers knew only darkness as one of the ship’s masts cracked and fell. The Horizon’s Call was now split in two.


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