Deities of Otharra

Gods of the Spearhead Peninsula:
- Celinter, NG, the goddess of nature (nature, life, tempest)
- Dathor, LN, the god of death and renewal (death, life)
- Pico, CN, the god of luck and trickery (trickery)
- Tionis, the god/goddess of medicine (life)
- Archonis, LG, the god of war, chivalry and death (war, death)
- Igos, NG, the god of knowledge (knowledge)

Gods of Mathair:
- Isir, LG, the ‘Lady of Light’ (light, knowledge)
- Celinter, NG, the goddess of nature (nature, life, tempest)
- Pico, CN, the goddess of luck and trickery (trickery)
- Gwendea, NG, goddess of medicine and medicinal plants/herbs (life, knowledge, nature)
- Lertos, LN, god of storms and the ocean (tempest)
- Tharoa, LN, goddess of war (war)
- Kalo, NE, god of trickery and death (death, trickery)
- Badram, CE, the god of rot and corruption (death)

Gods of the Asplands:
- Maia, LN, goddess of the sun, life, seasons/weather and death (light, life, tempest, death)
- Kortil, CE, god of the night and shadows (trickery)
- Du-sho-ren, NG, god of travel and persistence (knowledge, nature)
- Kaeju, LN, god of war, honor, wisdom and strategy (war, knowledge)
- Shin, LN, god of death (death)
- Myr, LE, god of necromancy and undeath, the little brother of Shin (death)

Exclusively dwarven gods (mostly revered as mythical figures instead of being worshipped):
- Moradin, LG, god of creation (light, knowledge)
- Vergadain, N, god of luck and trickery (trickery)
- Dumathoin, N, god of mining and underground exploration (knowledge)
- Abbathor, NE, god of greed (trickery)
- Berronar, LG, goddess of safety, truth, home and healing (life)
- Clangeddin Silverbeard, LG, god of battle (war)
- Marthammor Duin, NG, god of wanderers, travelers and outcasts (life)
- Dugmaren Brightmantle, CG, god of scholarship, discovery, invention (knowledge)

Exclusively halfling gods:
- Yondalla, LG, goddess of Fertility and protection (life)
- Brandobaris, N, god of stealth, thievery and rogues (trickery)

Exclusively elven gods:
- Corellon Larethian, CG, (light)
- Meliandra, LG, elf goddess of life, death and renewal (life, death)
- Althuin, LG, the god of war and nature (war, nature)
- Sehanine Moonbow, CG, goddess of the moon (knowledge)
- Labelas Enoreth, CG, god of philosophy (knowledge)
- Yannelar, CN, goddess of hunting, archery and survival (nature, war)

Exclusively draconic gods:
- Bahamut, LG, dragon god of good (life, war)
- Tiamat, LE, dragon goddess of evil (trickery)

Exclusively Orcish gods:
- Gruumsh, CE, orc god of storms and war (tempest, war)
- Malgoth, NE, orc god of trickery, shadows and death (trickery, death)

Exclusively goblinoid gods:
- Mirgul, CE, goblinoid god of war and trickery (war, trickery)
- Maglubiyet, LE, goblinoid god of war (war)

Common gods (shared by most cultures in Otharra but may have different names in different regions):
- Jovan, LG, goddess of friendship, trust and home, originating from halfling societies (life)
- Azathuil, NE, god/goddess of madness and despair (no clerics)
- The warden, N, god/goddess of magic, believed to have carried out the gods’ will and banished the Astari from Otharra (no clerics)
- Abrinis & Odonia, CG, gods/goddesses of love and beauty (light)
- Nil (known by many names, such as ‘Kripa’ and ‘Toth’), CE, the approaching void and endbringer (no clerics)

Deities of Otharra

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